Vera Nakonechny


Vera Nakonechny


Vera Nakonechny came to the United States as a teenager, and continued studying the various techniques of Ukrainian embroidery her mother had taught her as a young girl. She soon became a part of the strong Ukrainian-American community in Pennsylvania where she expanded her skills as an embroiderer. After the Ukraine gained its independence in 1991, Vera was able to return to her homeland where she conducted archival research about folk art traditions, and studied with master craftspeople. She has researched and taught embroidery, beadwork, weaving, and other traditional forms related to textiles and adornment, and volunteers as a teacher of these arts at community sites and at the Ukrainian Heritage Studies Center at Manor College. Vera is also a professional masseuse, having studied in Europe where, she explains, "Massage is integrated into people's idea of how to take care of themselves, of how to prevent illness. Doctors even refer their patients to massage therapists." Her needlework has been displayed in recent exhibitions at the Down Jersey Folklife Center, and at the Philadelphia Folklore Project, and in our 2006Community Fabric exhibition. She is one of the women documented in PFP's 2007 exhibition All that we do.

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