Linda Deafenbaugh, Education Specialist


Contact: linda [at] About Linda: Linda came to PFP in 2014 to coordinate folk arts education programs and research.  Linda defended her dissertation in 2013 titled “Developing the Capacity for Tolerance through Folklife Education” in the Social and Comparative Analysis in Education program at the University of Pittsburgh and is finishing final revisions.  Prior to this degree in educational anthropology, Linda received her MA in cultural anthropology, also at U. of Pittsburgh, for research conducted with textile traditions in Northern Nigeria.  She holds a B.F.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University.  Linda helped develop the Standards for Folklife Education by Diane Sidener and pilot them in K-12 schools and classrooms.  She has conducted teacher training workshops and courses toward educators receiving Act 48 continuing professional development credit hours, English as a Second Language instruction certification, and graduate degree credits. She has developed analytic methods for research teams looking at classroom discourse and social-cultural classroom dynamics (MUSE curriculum classrooms), at teacher training in science education (funded by NSF), and at urban youth definitions of community and cultural stressors that influence their mental health (Center on Race and Social Problems/funded by NIH).  Areas of expertise include: developing educational programs within community and school settings, folklife education curriculum development across subject areas, experiential and inquiry educational practices, folk arts and cultural processes, classroom action research, and computer assisted qualitative data analysis software.